Enrollment in Redwood Coast PACE begins with just a phone call. You can reach our Enrollment Representative at 707-443-9747 ext. 4231 (TTY users call 711 – California Relay Service).

Our staff will answer your questions, help assess whether Redwood Coast PACE will meet your care needs, and if you meet the eligibility requirements, guide you through the enrollment process.  You will be kept informed every step of the way.  Your family member or other representative is welcome to be part of the enrollment process.


Your cost for services provided by Redwood Coast PACE depends on your Medicare and Medi-Cal eligibility.  Our Enrollment Representative can answer your questions regarding your eligibility and monthly cost, if any.  Once enrolled, Redwood Coast PACE arranges and pays for all care and services approved by our care team.  Participants are financially responsible for any out-of-network services — these are services (except for emergency care) not approved or authorized by Redwood Coast PACE.

It’s important to remember that it is your choice to enroll in Redwood Coast PACE, and you can disenroll at any time. Your satisfaction is our goal.

How to Refer

We welcome referrals from both area professionals as well as family members and friends.  To make a referral, call us at 707-443-9747 ext. 4231  to speak with our Enrollment Representative, who can help answer your questions and get the needed information to start the enrollment process.  You can also complete and send us our  referral form.

Questions?  Call us at 707-443-9747 ext. 4231  (TTY users call 711 – California Relay Service).