Trudie Aho’s dog, Batman, “Is the light of my life,” she says.

There are gangs in Trudie’s neighborhood.  She doesn’t go out at night.  “Having Batman here makes me feel safer.”

Like many participants of Meals on Wheels Redwood Coast program, Trudie struggles to afford pet food and care.  Batman has a skin condition and loses his hair in patches. “I can’t afford to take him to the vet anymore,” she told us sadly.  “I’m trying to treat it with home remedies.”

Research shows pets improve the health and emotional well-being of older adults.  Companion animals are very important for emotional support, especially for more isolated seniors.

HSRC’s new PETS program provides pet food for older adults who are struggling financially.  Trudie was one of the first people to join.

In addition, we are raising money to help with the cost of veterinary care and transportation to vet visits for participants who don’t drive.

You can help.  A gift of $35 will buy a 40-pound bag of dog food—enough to feed a big dog for a month.  $150 pays for an annual veterinary checkup.

Because of you, a local senior could be able to feed and care for a beloved pet.  You are helping loving friends stay together – an investment in their health and well-being.