“As I got older,” Mary Albert, age 68, said, “I realized that, if not for my husband and family, I might have trouble feeding myself in my own home.”  Mary is disabled, and her husband George, 73, does all the shopping and cooking. “Sometimes it is just the little things that help people stay in their own homes,” Mary said.

The Alberts used to donate to national organi­zations, but they came to the realization that the money rarely came back to help people in Humboldt. So they decided to give locally.

“I like to support my community,” Mary said. “I feel good about that because we have a lot of senior citizens here.”  The Alberts have lived in Eureka for 42 years, where they raised three daughters.  “I give because people need food and water before anything else,” Mary said.

Although the Alberts are longtime monthly supporters of HSRC, they didn’t realize they qualified for Nutrition Program services.  When George was scheduled for major surgery, Mary called to learn about her options.  “Because of the pandemic, we didn’t want our daughter to travel from Idaho and be at risk in the planes and airports,” she said.

Mary learned that the Senior Nutri­tion Program, modified during the pandemic, is a good fit for their needs. She can drive over just once a week to pick up five meals. “Going every day would have been too much for me,” she said.

As soon as George recovers from his surgery, the Alberts probably won’t need the Nutrition Program’s services. But they plan to keep on giving.

One way you can help provide meals is to join HSRC’s Circle of Friends and become a monthly donor.  It is convenient, secure, and easy.  Your credit card will be charged automatically each month.  You can change your gift at any time.