When Ben Bridges was a boy in Utah, he was disabled and had to wear braces on both feet. Doctors told Ben’s parents he would never walk.  But thanks to his own and his mother’s determination, he did learn to walk.  Ben says it was a miracle.  With his father’s encouragement, he became a master beekeeper while still in high school.  After he moved to Humboldt, Ben worked in construction, painting, and as a landscape gardener, and he volunteered as a beekeeper.

These days, Ben is a soft-spoken gentleman of 63.  He lives in a cottage in McKinleyville surrounded by flowers and 112 cactuses.  He’s a dedicated gardener.  “I adore plants more than anything.  They teach you so much about life.  When I work in the yard, it is such a blessing.” He doesn’t drive, although he used to have a bicycle with a motor that he enjoyed.

Ben’s story has not always been a happy one.  Several years ago, Ben was not taking good care of himself.  He took a Life Skills course, and one of the goals he set was to get food regularly.  He was referred to HSRC’s Home Delivered Meals program.  Like many participants, he enjoys his interaction with the driver as much as the food.  He says, “I really appreciate all of the people who help with the meals.  I consider them to be part of my family.”

Ben is concerned about our culture and the state of the world.  “Helping people is what is important.  If you do that, you can’t miss the boat.”

One way you can help provide meals is to join HSRC’s Circle of Friends and become a monthly donor.  It is convenient, secure, and easy.  Your credit card will be charged automatically each month.  You can change your gift at any time.