Shelly Heber

Shelly Heber had an exciting in Southern California career promoting chart-topping rock & roll bands and musicians dating back to the 70s. On the side, she managed some artists. Shelly ran this business for 22 years. One day she quit and handed the whole company over to her partner.

After she left Los Angeles, she moved to Eureka. For twenty years, she volunteered at the Discovery Shop, where she was the Book Lady. When lifting and bending began to hurt, she had to quit. Shelly found herself sitting at home doing nothing, lonely and depressed.

At first she resisted going to Humboldt Senior Resource Center. She thought it was full of nothing but miserable old people. “There are so many stereotypes we have to break,” she says. “Seniors are treated like they are invisible, and after a while, you begin to feel invisible. It is important to be acknowledged, respected for who we are.”

Now Shelly thinks senior centers should be mandatory in every community. “The senior center saved my life,” she said. She feels welcome. She feels respected. She enjoys the camaraderie. She enjoys meeting people from all different backgrounds and experiences. Shelly comes every day for lunch, bingo, and socializing. She said that in a year she made five real friends, the kind of people you can rely on when you have a problem.

“I heard that when we are alone, we smile 50% less and we laugh 100% less. We need people, we need contact.”

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