HSRC Thanks Humboldt Bay Fire

Every winter, Humboldt Bay Fire collects donations for the Humboldt Senior Resource Center’s Nutrition Program with its Santa for Seniors drive.  In an ordinary year, the program’s White Boxes, packed with something fun and nutritious, may be the only gift some isolated seniors receive.  Social isolation, already a problem before the pandemic, is now even more severe.

This past winter, the Firefighters donated $1,125 to help fill the White Boxes given to the seniors who come pick up meals at HSRC’s Senior Dining Centers, and were also delivered to homebound seniors receiving Home Delivered Meals.

Santa for Seniors demonstrates that our heroes care.  The same heroes who fight fires, rescue cats and babies, respond to medical emergencies, deal with hazardous materials, prevent fires through education and inspection, and check on the health and safety of seniors enrolled in the Are You Okay? program are the heroes who raise money to fill that holiday box.

And that is just the firefighters.  Every person who contributes money to the drive demonstrates that this is a caring community which recognizes the wisdom and experience of our elders.  All of them are contributing toward a community that helps keep seniors healthy and independent enough to age with dignity at home.

All of that is packed into each White Box.  Thank you, Humboldt Bay Fire, for your part in making this project possible.