Senior Firewood Program Discontinued

HSRC has recently been receiving a number of phone calls asking if the Senior Firewood Program  has wood vouchers available for sale.  Please note that the firewood program was discontinued in 2020.  Please see the original announcement from 2020 below.   Thank you.

This is a message from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office and Humboldt Senior Resource Center —

After almost 30 years of operation, it is with heavy hearts that we announce 2020 as the last year of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Senior Wood Project, also known as the Humboldt Senior Resource Center (HSRC) Senior Firewood Program.

The Senior Wood Project is part of the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP) through the Humboldt County Correctional Facility. As part of this project, low-level offenders have had the opportunity to work off their court sentence by splitting wood. Cords of wood were then provided to seniors in our community at a discounted rate through HSRC.

“This project has touched the lives of many through the years, and its positive impact on our senior community has not gone unnoticed,” SWAP Sergeant Lee Myers said. “The decision to discontinue the program was extremely difficult for our staff, but we believe this is the best course of action as our department moves toward sustainable and environmentally conscious programming.”

The discontinuation of the Senior Wood Project comes for a variety of reasons, including decreased availability and costs associated with procuring resources and overall sustainability of the program. Despite the discontinuation of the project, the Sheriff’s Office will continue its partnership with HSRC and is exploring new programs benefitting local seniors through our SWAP Farm, including providing fresh produce cultivated at the farm to senior community members.

“This has been such a successful partnership over the years,” Tasha Romo, HSRC Nutrition & Activities Program Manager said.  “So many seniors benefitted from the low-cost firewood. There is still a significant number of older adults in our community who heat their homes with wood. For them we are sorry to see this program end, but completely understand the changes.  We look forward to developing new ways to partner with SWAP to benefit seniors in our community.”

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For more information about the Humboldt Senior Resource Center, call 707-443-9747.